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Designed by:
Susan Hilferty
Art on display:
Cic members on display:

Elphaba built by Eric Winterling, Inc.; Glinda and Emerald City Residents built by Tricorne, Inc.; Millinery by Rodney Gordon and Lynne Mackey

Cic member Costume Credits:

Artur & Tailors, Ltd., Bra Tenders, CEGO Custom Shirts, Cygnet Studio, Dyenamix, Inc., Eric Winterling, Inc., Euroco Costumes, Ernest Winzer Cleaners, Julz Kroboth, Lynne Mackey Studio, Parsons-Meares, Ltd, Rodney Gordon, Inc., Tricorne, Inc., Vogue Too Pleating, Stitching and Embroidery, Wing & Weft Gloves

There are 830 total individual costume pieces in the whole show. 23 total shops work on the Wicked costumes including, independent artisans (Glinda's crown and wand), a puppeteer (the monkey wings), two custom knitters, three milliners, four custom shoemakers, a custom umbrella maker, and many others.

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Production Credits:

ADDITIONAL COSTUME CREDITS: Barbara Matera Ltd. and Scafati Theatrical Tailors, Flatheads and monkey wings by Michael Curry Design, Inc.

Production Photo Credits:

Pictured: The company of WICKED. Photo by Joan Marcus. Pictured: Riley Costello in WICKED. Photo by Joan Marcus. Pictured: Alexandra Billings in WICKED. Photo by Joan Marcus.