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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Designed by:
Catherine Zuber
Art on display:
Cic members on display:

Harold Zidler built by Jennifer Love Costumes, Shirt by CEGO Custom Shirts. CanCan Woman built by Euroco; Satine built by Parson-Meares, Ltd., millinery built by Arnold S. Levine, Inc., gloves built by Wing & Weft Gloves.

Cic member Costume Credits:

Arel Studio, Inc., Arnold S. Levine, Inc., Bra Tenders, Carmen Gee, CEGO Custom Shirts, Colin Davis Jones Studios, Dyenamix, Inc., Ernest Winzer Cleaners, Euroco Costumes, Hat Rabbit Studio, LLC., Jennifer Love Costumes, Julz Kroboth, Lynne Baccus, Lynne Mackey Studio, Mio Design NYC, LLC, Parsons-Meares Ltd., Polly Kinney Beading, Rodney Gordon, Inc., Timberlake Studios, Inc, Wing & Weft Gloves

For the Broadway production of Moulin Rouge!The Musical, 180 artisans worked over 36,000 hours to create costumes designed by award-winning costume designer Catherine Zuber. Zuber drafted hundreds of sketches to create 793 unique costume pieces, including a couture line for the tragic lead character, Satine.

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Production Credits:

ADDITIONAL COSTUME CREDITS: John Cowles, Angels Costumes, Das Gewand, Shoes by La Duca and Worldtone Dance, Simone Dali, Custom embroidery by New York Embroidery Studios and Fabio Toblini

Production Photo Credits:

Pictured: The Company of Moulin Rouge! The Musical. Photo by Matthew Murphy.