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The Lion King

Designed by:
Julie Taymor
Art on display:
Cic members on display:

Mufasa built by Donna Langman Costumes, LLC. Scar, Young Simba and the Grasslands built by Parsons-Meares, Ltd. Printing for Scar by Gene Mignola, Inc.

Cic member Costume Credits:

Arnold S. Levine, Inc., Bra Tenders, Donna Langman Costumes LLC., Dyenamix, Inc., Eric Winterling, Inc., Ernest Winzer Cleaners, Gene Mignola, Inc., Julz Kroboth, Maria Ficalora, Marian Jean Hose, LLC, Parsons-Meares, Ltd., Rodney Gordon, Inc., Timberlake Studios, Inc., Vogue Too Pleating, Stitching and Embroidery, Wing & Weft Gloves

All of the roping and beading on Mufasa’s ‘corset’ is laid out individually and done by hand.

Each Mufasa cape requires 12 yds. of fabric. Each length is cut into narrow strips, which are finished along each long edge, and then reassembled to create his signature striped cape.

At some points during each performance, Mufasa wears different harnesses. To accommodate these changes within the show,  every Mufasa costume has 11 zippers!

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Production Credits:

ADDITIONAL COSTUME CREDITS: Barbara Matera, Ltd., Danielle Gisiger, Suzie Elder, Janet Linville, Paragon Innovation Group, Monica Viani Custom Millenery. Shibori dyeing by Joan Morris. Custom dyeing and painting by Joni Johns, Mary Macy, J. Michelle Hill, Virginia Clow, Margaret Peot, and Parmelee Tolkan. Puppet construction and headdresses for Mufasa, Scar, and Grasslands by Michael Curry Design, Inc. Scar head by Lisa McKay. Sarabi by Jan Parran.

Production Photo Credits:

Pictured: LION KING Company. Photo by Brinkhoff-Mogenburg. Pictured: Gareth Saxe and Alton Fitzgerald White. Photo by Joan Marcus.