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Designed by:
John Dunn - Season 1, Jennifer Moeller - Seasons 2 and 3
Art on display:
Cic members on display:

Emily: Dress built on set, sweater by Maria Ficalora. Jane Humfrey dress built by John Kristiansen New York, Inc. Sue evening dress built on set, pleating by Vogue Too Pleating, Stitching and Embroidery. Anna and Clara dresses built by Bethany Joy Costumes, Inc. Austin waistcoats and trousers by Giliberto Designs, Inc., frock coats by John Kristiansen New York, Inc. Aunt Lavinia dress by Eric Winterling, Inc.

Cic member Costume Credits:

Helen Uffner Vintage Clothing, LLC, Cego Custom Shirts, Wing & Weft Gloves

Design teams for most television shows, like Dickinson, have an on-site costume crew. But the quick nature of television production schedules means CIC Members often build portions of the show too.

"What’s thrilling about Dickinson is recreating period costumes using modern knitting techniques with our electric loom, while staying true to the silhouettes of the era.”

-Maria Ficolora, owner of Maria Ficalora Knitwear, LTD.

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Production Credits:

Production Photo Credits:

Courtesy of Apple