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Costume Armour, Inc

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Costume Armour, Inc. is the world's leading custom armour studio producing authentically styled, highly durable, vacuum formed, Greco-Roman, Gothic, Elizabethan and Fantasy theatrical armour. In addition to an extensive inventory of stock armour and weaponry, they take pride in the fact that their staff of artists is capable of creating exquisite custom armour of any style or period. They also produce the finest custom sculpture and props. Museum quality fine art combined with innovative design and construction is our hallmark. Their staff of artists led by Nino Novellino has created masterworks for Broadway, Disney, opera, film, television and industry.

Saturday Night Live:  Suit of armor featured on Saturday Night Live, 2020.  In a pre-taped segment, Pete Davidson needed to die from a suit of armor falling on him. This ‘ghost’ was rigged, and fell on cue. See the clip here:

Starlight Express:  A replica of Greaseball from the original production, designed by John Napier, with base costume by Parsons-Meares. Ltd.

Storm Trooper:  For Disney theme parks around the world, these Storm Troopers always make a striking entrance with Darth Vader. 

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